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How We Tailor Home Automation for Your Lifestyle

Making Smart Home Technology Work for You

How We Tailor Home Automation for Your Lifestyle

New technology is supposed to make things easier to do and save time. At least, that’s what the marketing says. Most of the time, well thought out technology does just that, and we wonder how we ever did without it. But too many times, new technology adds complexity and confusion. How about those car systems that make you dig through a touchscreen menu for a seat heater when a simple button would suffice? 

Smart home automation should make things simpler, not harder. It should do things for you without much or any input on your part. As a specialized, expert home automation company, that’s what Elite Technology Solutions strives to do for our clients in Clayton, MO – make smart technology fit you and your lifestyle. Read on to see how we do it!

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with Crestron Motorized Shading

Easy to Install Crestron Battery-Powered Shades add Convenience, Comfort, and Style

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with Crestron Motorized Shading

Updated window treatments are an excellent way to breathe new life into your interiors.  And while you're doing that, why not go motorized? Powered shading and window treatments are some of the most convenient and useful of all smart home additions.

Motorized shades alone are an incredible convenience. At the touch of a button, you can raise or lower one or many shades at the same time. But when paired with a powerful smart home automation system like Crestron Home, the benefits multiply. Crestron's new battery-powered shading solutions are one of the easiest ways to add smart window treatments to your home.

As your local St. Louis, MO, Crestron dealer, we can show you how motorized shades play an important role in creating a more comfortable and efficient home environment. Keep reading below to learn why Crestron motorized shades are a smart home upgrade.

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Want Business Quality Videoconferencing at Home? Meet Crestron HomeTime

Keep In Touch, in High Resolution

Want Business Quality Videoconferencing at Home? Meet Crestron HomeTime

While there is light at the end of a long tunnel with the current pandemic, the past few months have brought a sea change in how people work, learn, and stay connected. Zoom has become a buzzword, and everyone from 1st graders to senior citizens is becoming comfortable with videoconferencing as a way to communicate, as easily as they might use a phone.

Crestron, a worldwide leader in commercial automation and communication solutions, has a foot in both enterprise solutions and automation in high-end homes. Seeing this trend for video communication in the home, they set out to take conferencing out from individual devices and make it easy to use for a family or small group of people. In essence, they set out to bring the videoconference room into the living room. It's called Crestron HomeTime, and it brings a level of quality to videoconferencing to your home that used to require commercial equipment.

Keep reading to see how Elite Technology Solutions, your local Crestron dealer serving Clayton, MO, can bring business-class conferencing to your home.

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Meet a Smarter Voice Assistant for Home Automation

Josh.AI is the Voice Assistant that Gets You

Meet a Smarter Voice Assistant for Home Automation

Smart speakers and voice assistants are ubiquitous these days. Many people use various smart speakers from Amazon, Google, and Apple for information, music, quick questions, and home automation. With tempting Black Friday sales and prices at this time of year, it's tempting to get one or more for your home.

While these smart speakers and their intelligence platforms are great, they are also sometimes frustrating – especially when it comes to home automation. Commands to turn on a light sometimes have to be repeated. They have a limited understanding of context. Ask your child to flip on a light, and they look for the nearest switch and turn it on. Ask a voice assistant, and it can sometimes be an exercise equivalent to telling your child, "it's the switch to your right, the one on the wall, white, 2 inches above your eye level.” If that’s a frustration you’ve experienced, you might be glad to hear there is another option.

Elite Technology Solutions has recently partnered with Josh.AI, a voice assistant that is exclusively designed for home automation and aims to be the personal assistant that always understands what you want. Elite is proud to be the only home automation company offering the Josh.AI solution to the Ladue, MO community. Read on to learn more about a new dimension in voice control for your home.

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