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Crestron: The Best in Smart Technology for Homes and Businesses

No company delivers the scalability, customization, and reliability that Crestron brings to its smart technology systems for business and homes. As the industry leader in automation systems since 1972, Crestron provides best-in-class hardware, software, engineering and design for tailored solutions that help homeowners and business owners seamlessly manage the lights, security, AV, shading and climate on their properties. Leverage American innovation with Crestron and manage all technology systems with a few taps on a screen or a voice command. Let us show you why Crestron is the go-to partner for Fortune 500 Companies and luxury residences throughout the world.

Elite Technology Solutions is the premier Crestron dealer in St. Louis, MO. Designing Crestron systems is about more than choosing the right hardware. Design and programming expertise are vital to crafting top-of-the-line solutions for our clients. At Elite we have experience designing a wide array of Crestron projects from corporate video conferencing systems to intuitive smart home control solutions ideal for both primary and vacation homes. For all our projects, we take extensive measures to learn our client needs to ensure the end product is exactly what they envisioned. Our team offers ongoing service and support to help you maintain your system and adapt to any new technology trends.

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Crestron Residential

Make your house a home with a Crestron system that brings greater luxury, comfort, and safety to your space. Have shades rise, lights slowly turn on and your go-to playlist begin when it is time to get up in the morning. Enjoy control of your technology from elegant on-wall keypads with custom engravings that correspond to your preferred settings. During the workday, pull up a mobile app to check surveillance footage, which lights are on, and whether all doors are locked.

Integrate your favorite smart speakers or thermostats into your system or build using Crestron components from the ground up. Do you want to manage your system from a tablet, remote or voice command? Our programmers can make it all work. We’ll also create a custom user interface that is easy for the entire family, and even guest, to learn.

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Programming & Support

It’s the programming language within your Crestron system that will get all your devices working together as one for the ultimate efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use. Although Crestron system programming allows for the ultimate customization—it can also become a nightmare in the wrong hands. Not only will you end up with a system that underperforms, but one that is potentially unreliable, becoming unusable at times (without “rebooting the system” all the time).

We have extensive in-house programming experience. We do not use 3rd-party programmers, which adds cost and complexity while greatly reducing an integrator’s ability to update and make changes to your systems in a timely and cost effective manner. If you are not happy with the performance of your current system, we can help. We have extensive experience in rescuing poorly designed, programmed or installed systems. We are here to help.

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Home Theater Image 1
Home Theater Image 1

Crestron Commercial

Any technology you bring to your business should be there to streamline operations and boost your bottom line. Not only do intuitive Crestron systems make it easier to onboard new employees, they let you manage your entire property at the press of a button. Deploy them in a hospital, office, department store or university to serve as the ultimate technology concierge. Reduce opening and closing times with scenes that turn off lights, lock all doors, close shades and activate your alarm with a simple button press.

Host productive collaborative meetings with staff or wow new clients with state-of-the-art conference room equipment you manage from a dedicated touchpad or app on your smartphone. Embrace wireless meeting room audio video systems that let participants share content and proactively engage in the conversation. Link up your favorite collaborative software with Crestron’s official partnerships with Microsoft, Zoom, Apple, and Logisource.


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Improve your day-to-day lifestyle and boost your business bottom line with our custom Creston solutions. From programming to support, we help every step of the way.

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