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Discover Kaleidescape: The Filmmaker’s Choice for Movie Players

Your Only Online Source for Films with Full-Fidelity Audio and Video

Discover Kaleidescape: The Filmmaker’s Choice for Movie Players

Thanks to incredible advancements in audiovisual technology, the movie-going pastime we all miss can exist inside our Ladue, MO homes in ways it never could before. Perhaps you already have a custom home theater dressed to the nines with high-resolution equipment that’s been professionally installed and calibrated to offer unforgettable movie-viewing experiences.

But even the most sophisticated home theater isn’t complete without a Kaleidescape movie server. Known as the filmmaker’s choice for movie players, Kaleidescape is the only online source for films with full-fidelity audio and video from all major studios. If you’re a cinephile, it’s time you learn about Kaleidescape and how it will transform the way you watch movies in your luxury home theater.

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A Closer Look at – A Smarter Choice for Home Voice Control

Josh.AI Is the Voice Assistant for Home Automation

A Closer Look at – A Smarter Choice for Home Voice Control

Recently, we were excited to introduce you to, a different type of voice assistant to help you manage your smart home. Unlike other voice assistant platforms from major technology companies, was explicitly designed and engineered for home automation. doesn't need to answer history questions or solve math problems, so it can focus on understanding your commands, the context, and deftly executing your home automation wishes. And it does so with a level of privacy that is unprecedented in voice assistants.

Voice assistants are software-based, and their technology and features advance rapidly. We also integrate home voice control systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into client systems, so you might wonder what can do differently in your Chesterfield, MO smart home? Let’s take a closer look.

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Is Your Home Network Installation Secure Enough?

We’ll check what makes a network secure and see how yours stacks up

Is Your Home Network Installation Secure Enough?

Whenever you hear about the benefits of professional home network installation, you likely hear more about speed than anything else. In our current environment, where working, playing, and learning all occur at home, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial a powerful network is. You need enough network speed to power all the demands that social distancing has placed on your lifestyle, with a connection strong enough to avoid lags.  
Data security doesn’t feel as flashy, but it’s equally important when you’re weighing a professional installation’s benefits. See how we implement safety into every networking project and why that matters to our St. Louis, Missouri-area clients.  

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How To Reinvigorate Your Home Theater with The Latest in Sight and Sound

Take Advantage of Immersive Audio and Brilliant Picture Technology

How To Reinvigorate Your Home Theater with The Latest in Sight and Sound

Home theaters are not new; they have been around for perhaps three decades. Many homes have included a home theater in either a dedicated room or a living area for an engaging entertainment experience. But if there's one thing that's a constant, it's that technology moves quickly. With the transition to digital formats for audio and video, technology has moved even faster.

While an older home theater might be perfectly functional, you might be surprised at the improvements in audio and video in just the past five years.  In this timeframe, high-resolution projectors with much more dynamic contrast and color capabilities - exemplified by HDR (high dynamic range) formats – have become widely available and more affordable, and immersive audio such as Dolby Atmos can be found in a wide range of sound equipment.

What’s the best way to upgrade the home theater in your Clayton, MO home? A professional home theater design company can help you navigate a plethora of choices and help you reinvigorate your theater or media room. Keep reading for more.

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