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Is Your School Auditorium Sound System Up to Par?

Make Every School Gathering Special with Great Sound

Is Your School Auditorium Sound System Up to Par?

School auditoriums are special places. They host school meetings, events, plays, band recitals, presentations, parent days, and so much more. What’s worse than someone missing their cue in the school play? Bad sound. Microphones with screechy feedback, echoes, and an inability to hear in the back of the auditorium are sure ways to lose the audience. Don’t let this happen in your Town and Country, MO, school. Here are some ways you can amp up your auditorium sound system so it’s ready for any gathering.

TAGS: Audio-Video Installation | Commercial Sound System

Simplify Your AV Infrastructure with Crestron Room Solutions

Streamline the Management of Meeting Spaces, Audio, and Video Assets

Simplify Your AV Infrastructure with Crestron Room Solutions

Today's office environments are changing. With the ongoing effects of the pandemic and new experience with remote workers, businesses are reevaluating office spaces for a future when not everyone will be in the office at the same time. As a result, the modern office needs to be well equipped with a high-quality, flexible audio and video collaboration setup so staff in offices and remote can communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

To accomplish this, you want solutions that present consistent, intuitive interfaces, powerful scalability from one room to entire campuses, and simplified management. One company is doing just that. Crestron, one of the oldest names in home and commercial automation, offers complete solutions for managing your AV infrastructure. No matter what the future of hybrid works looks like for your Clayton, MO company, Elite Technology Solutions, is your local Crestron dealer who can tailor these solutions to your needs. Read on to learn how Crestron can optimize and manage your collaboration infrastructure.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Crestron

How to Save Energy with Building Automation Systems

Make Your Buildings More Comfortable and Efficient with Smart Automation

How to Save Energy with Building Automation Systems

If you’re in charge of operating properties, you want your buildings to be energy efficient. Whether it’s a school, performance venue, house of worship, or office building, you want your premises to not waste energy needlessly on lighting and climate control.

If you are managing buildings in Chesterfield, MO, manually or with older control technology, you may be missing out on the efficiencies of today's smart building automation systems. Explore the advantages of commercial automation solutions below not only for saving energy but also for improving premises comfort and safety.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Lighting Control

Unlock the World of Multiroom Audio with KEF LSX Speakers

This Wireless Hi-Fi Music System Is Small in Size but Mighty in Sound

Unlock the World of Multiroom Audio with KEF LSX Speakers

There are some music lovers who geek out over every component of a hi-fi sound system, from the amplifiers to the source components, speakers, and cables. Then there are some music lovers who’d rather steer clear of the complexity and choose a simpler setup without sacrificing sound quality.

If you relate to the latter music lover, you’ll swoon over KEF’s LSX wireless hi-fi speakers. While compact in size, these active speakers don’t skimp on power or performance. Their advanced acoustic design and wireless streaming technologies make them a perfect addition to your multiroom speaker system.

Read below to learn what all the hype is about and decide if the award-winning KEF LSX is the next wireless hi-fi speaker you need in your Saint Charles, MO home.

TAGS: High-End Audio | KEF Dealer | KEF Speaker