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How Tunable Lighting s Transforming Residential Lighting Design

Discover the Benefits of Tunable White Lighting

How Tunable Lighting s Transforming Residential Lighting Design

Do you know what tunable lighting is? No doubt you are familiar with the color temperature of white light. Go into Home Depot for a bulb, and you will see designations like “warm” and “cool” on the package to denote color temperature.

To get more technical, this range of white light is measured in Kelvins. At the low end of the spectrum, like 2600K, is the incandescent bulb and its warm glow. At the high end, like 5250K, is midday sunlight, bright white with bluish and cooler tones. Of course, for years, you could buy bulbs and fixtures with warmer and colder light. But with modern LED technology, you can get dynamically “tunable” lighting that can change color temperature on the fly. 

Why is tunable lighting a game-changer in residential lighting design? Read more below to learn what it can do in your Chesterfield, MO, home. 

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