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Elite Technology solutions is a leading installer of home automation solutions in the Greater St. Louis area. Learn more about our smart home company here!

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Home Automation System

Enjoy Convenient Control over Your Residential Space with Smart Home Automation

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Home Automation System

A luxury lifestyle in your home starts with custom home design and construction, beautiful décor, and all the trimmings, but it doesn’t stop there. In order to fully enjoy opulent and convenient living in your home, you need a smart home system. 

Smart home automation takes your daily experience to new heights. By tapping a button, swiping an icon, or even using your voice, you have complete control over a myriad of technologies in your home – lighting, motorized shades, home security, home AV, and much more.

Read on to learn the top five ways to make the most out of a home automation system for your home in Woodland, MO, and how Elite Technology Solutions can help to enhance your smart home experience.

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How to Ease Your Everyday Stress with Home Automation

Let Smart Technology Manage the Small Things

How to Ease Your Everyday Stress with Home Automation

In the current environment dominated by the pandemic, it’s safe to say things aren’t going back to “normal” just yet. So much activity is now happening from home – whether it’s work, school, or entertainment – that juggling all this at home at the same time can become a source of stress.

One noticeable trend in these times has been that as people have been staying home far more, they tend to notice things that can be improved. Indeed, sales at home improvement retailers like Home Depot are brisk as homeowners take on projects to make home life easier and more comfortable.

Along that line, we’d like to suggest that you look at home automation as a way to make home life just a bit more enjoyable in Town and Country, MO. And, it’s not just for these unusual times; home automation investments continue paying dividends for years to come.

Read on to see how to ease home stress with smart home technology.

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Designers & Builders: Don’t Make Home Automation an Afterthought

Make Your Homes Smart from the Start

Designers & Builders: Don’t Make Home Automation an Afterthought

According to the research firm IDC, the smart home market is projected to grow at a healthy 16.9% annual clip over the next few years. As an architect, designer, or builder, your clients likely have smart home automation listed as a high priority for their next home in Wildwood, MO.

What’s the best way to plan for home automation in your projects? In the same way you work with other professionals and trades, you’ll want to start early. Smart home technology is much more than a basic pre-wire package for low-voltage cabling. Read on to see how planning for home automation from the start will lead to smoother and faster builds for your projects – and more satisfied clients to boot.

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Discover Voice-Controlled Home Automation with Whole-Home Automation Through Just Your Voice

Discover Voice-Controlled Home Automation with

Home automation is all about elevating your lifestyle. It’s about making daily tasks around home easier. It’s about adding a sense of luxury. It’s about making your home effortlessly efficient.

No better smart home automation system on the market exemplifies the ideals of home automation than a brand you might have never heard of:

Blending some of the best features of traditional home automation platforms and modern home voice-control platforms like Alexa and Google Home, is the perfect solution for homeowners that want the ultimate smart home experience.

And even if you already have a smart home system at your property, you can incorporate into your existing setup.

Ready to learn more about home automation for your property in Chesterfield or the greater St. Louis, Missouri area? Keep reading below.

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