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Elite Technology Solutions is your local home automation company serving Ladue and major metro areas in Missouri. Call us at (636) 939-4474.

Elite & Crestron Team Up to bring your Home a Whole New Level of Audio Quality & Convenience

Get Pristine Sound throughout Your Property with Crestron’s New DM NAX Matrix/Amplifier

Elite & Crestron Team Up to bring your Home a Whole New Level of Audio Quality & Convenience

As you know, the world of audio/video entertainment has gone digital. Entertainment has evolved to take advantage of high-speed data delivery and distribution systems for both video and audio content. Crestron is the leader in digital distribution of high-quality sound and video throughout the home.  The original DM (Digital Media) System from Crestron revolutionized the switching, distribution, and control of HDMI video/audio in both the commercial and residential worlds. Elite was right there installing one of the first systems of its kind. Traditional DM systems are now complimented with Crestron’s DM-NVX product line, delivering pristine 4K HDR video and audio over 1 GB data networks. This “video over IP” solution is highly flexible and scalable. Any video source at any display/TV at any time is a sure winner. 

As a home automation company with deep knowledge of digital technologies and networking, we intuitively understand the advantages of moving video and audio over a digital connection, but we are also audiophiles and we understand and appreciate the need for high-quality amplification and speakers. We are proud to partner with Crestron in introducing Crestron’s newest addition to the DM line of audio/video distribution and switching to the St. Louis, MO area. 

Crestron’s new DM NAX matrix/amplifier is a game-changer for configuring a whole-house setup for your Ladue, MO hometaking full advantage of modern digital technologies. Read on to learn more about this exciting solution. 

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Meet a Smarter Voice Assistant for Home Automation

Josh.AI is the Voice Assistant that Gets You

Meet a Smarter Voice Assistant for Home Automation

Smart speakers and voice assistants are ubiquitous these days. Many people use various smart speakers from Amazon, Google, and Apple for information, music, quick questions, and home automation. With tempting Black Friday sales and prices at this time of year, it's tempting to get one or more for your home.

While these smart speakers and their intelligence platforms are great, they are also sometimes frustrating – especially when it comes to home automation. Commands to turn on a light sometimes have to be repeated. They have a limited understanding of context. Ask your child to flip on a light, and they look for the nearest switch and turn it on. Ask a voice assistant, and it can sometimes be an exercise equivalent to telling your child, "it's the switch to your right, the one on the wall, white, 2 inches above your eye level.” If that’s a frustration you’ve experienced, you might be glad to hear there is another option.

Elite Technology Solutions has recently partnered with Josh.AI, a voice assistant that is exclusively designed for home automation and aims to be the personal assistant that always understands what you want. Elite is proud to be the only home automation company offering the Josh.AI solution to the Ladue, MO community. Read on to learn more about a new dimension in voice control for your home.

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