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A professional home surveillance installation beats DIY every time. To make sure your loved ones are fully protected, call Elite Technology Solutions today

3 Things to Look for When Installing Home Surveillance Systems

Learn How These Features Make Your Home Safer

3 Things to Look for When Installing Home Surveillance Systems

Are you looking for a smarter home security system? Perhaps you want to take advantage of current home surveillance options. Even if you’re not overly concerned about security in your safe Chesterfield, MO neighborhood, if you travel often, have kids or elderly relatives at home, or have pets, there are excellent reasons to invest in a home surveillance installation.

It's no secret that there are a wide variety of surveillance options in the market, from several DIY solutions to professionally installed systems. You will find that many claim very similar features. But there are some critical features that Elite Technology Solutions believes sets some apart from the rest.

Read on to learn more about three things we recommend in home surveillance setups.

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When It Comes to Your Family's Safety, Trust the Pros

DIY systems may be easy to set up and use, but they’re vulnerable to hackers and use a lot of network bandwidth

When It Comes to Your Family's Safety, Trust the Pros

No matter where you live and what your neighborhood is like, it’s important to keep your family safe. That doesn’t mean you need to fret 24/7 about imaginary threats, but you do want to be prepared for the worst.

A number of DIY security devices have hit the market recently, from video doorbells to devices designed to secure your entire home. These gadgets are better than nothing, but there’s a downside to going with standalone, DIY products. Everything’s working in isolation instead of as a cohesive whole, and they’re vulnerable to hacking.

There are other issues with a DIY approach to home security as well. That’s why we’ll go through the advantages of a professional home surveillance installation and why you want one for your Wildwood, MO home.

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