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Articles tagged with: Lighting Control

Why Building Automation Systems Are a Wise Investment

Decrease Operational Costs While Maintaining a Safer, More Appealing Property

Why Building Automation Systems Are a Wise Investment

As a building owner, you want to create a balance between having safe, comfortable, and attractive buildings for tenants and lowered operating costs. In some cases, large expenses like property taxes are largely out of your hands. But other significant operating costs like utilities can be addressed. For example, high insurance costs might be mitigated by modernizing a building’s safety and security systems.

You may be considering if the cost of installing or modernizing building automation systems makes sense for your St. Louis, MO properties. If you think about the potential energy efficiencies of modern control solutions for lighting and HVAC, the additional safety from newer security, and adding attractive features like digital signage, you might start finding that you can improve your product in the market, reduce costs, and thoroughly justify the investment. Let's explore further below.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Lighting Control

How to Save Energy with Building Automation Systems

Make Your Buildings More Comfortable and Efficient with Smart Automation

How to Save Energy with Building Automation Systems

If you’re in charge of operating properties, you want your buildings to be energy efficient. Whether it’s a school, performance venue, house of worship, or office building, you want your premises to not waste energy needlessly on lighting and climate control.

If you are managing buildings in Chesterfield, MO, manually or with older control technology, you may be missing out on the efficiencies of today's smart building automation systems. Explore the advantages of commercial automation solutions below not only for saving energy but also for improving premises comfort and safety.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Lighting Control

The 5 Must-Have Home Automation Features for Today’s Smart Homes

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

The 5 Must-Have Home Automation Features for Today’s Smart Homes

Is your home smart? Just what is a smart home, anyway? The modern smart home is more than just a collection of smart devices. You may already have some, like a video doorbell and a smart thermostat. They will give you some new information and control capabilities that you may not have had before. But how well do they work together to make it easier to manage daily life?

As a leading home automation company in Missouri, Elite Technology Solutions believes that the smart home is not just smart devices controllable by apps but a comprehensive system that takes advantage of all that intelligence to orchestrate your home and transform your lifestyle in both functional and delightful ways.

While you can incorporate many smart home features into your home, we think there are five essential ones every St. Louis smart home should have. Find out what they are below.

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Security

Is it Time to Update the Audio and Video Systems throughout Your Business?

Technologically Advanced Solutions for Commercial AV

Is it Time to Update the Audio and Video Systems throughout Your Business?

A successful business is established and grown by providing a product or service that people need – even crave. To do it, you need to communicate your message clearly and effectively. If you’re using yesterday’s technology for your audio-video communications, then your message may not come across to your target audience.

Now, more than ever, you need an updated AV system for your business. It’s one way of showing that your company is forward-thinking, relevant, and ready for growth. Whether you manage an office, a hotel, a restaurant, or a non-profit in St. Louis, MO, your organization can benefit greatly from a commercial AV update. Read more to learn about some excellent audio-visual products on the market now.

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