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Why Should You Install a Commercial Lighting and Automation System?

Discover Four Key Benefits of Integrated Automation

Why Should You Install a Commercial Lighting and Automation System?

To paraphrase a well-known commercial, what's in your building? Are you running it as efficiently as possible? If you are an owner of commercial property, do your tenants feel the building has the amenities needed? If it's your building, does your staff feel comfortable and safe? Is it an easy place to do business, or is it a challenging environment?

Commercial lighting control and automation can solve many ills in a property. No, it can't answer all of them. But smart control and automation of systems like lighting, HVAC, security, access, and AV systems can go a long way to ensuring people feel comfortable, productive, and safe in their environment.

Keep reading below to see how commercial lighting control and automation adds value to your Chesterfield, MO properties.

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Lighting Control

Lighting is critical in various aspects of a building. The right light makes for a more comfortable and efficient workplace. Lighting can also set the right ambiance for visitors and make the building more secure after dark.

Commercial lighting control can help with efficiency, comfort, and safety while providing centralized control and the ability for staff to adjust lighting for optimal meetings and work. For example, occupancy sensors in conference rooms can turn off lights when not in use. Similarly, walkways, garages, or bathroom can save energy by turning on lights only when there are people. Switches can also allow people to turn lights on, but management systems can have schedules to ensure that lights are off when not needed.

In conference and meeting rooms, preprogrammed scenes can allow one-touch control of lights for meetings and presentations, ensuring spaces that are neither too dark nor too bright for the gathering. For more sophisticated control, tunable white lighting can mimic the brighter sunlight of the day indoors, bringing the effect of nature indoors for increased energy and productivity.

Climate Control

There’s always a balance between efficiency and comfort in climate control. You want buildings where the temperature is neither too warm nor too hot. Allowing staff some control over the environment while maintaining efficiency can coexist with the help of smart controls. Smart thermostats and temperature sensors can be programmed and centrally controlled to balance temperature across a building. Integrated controls can give staff ways to temporarily modify the temperature for comfort without overriding the efficiency and balancing settings for the building.


Lighting, access control, and security cameras can combine into a powerful system to protect buildings and premises. Centrally managed lighting can create safer entries to buildings and deter after-hours intrusion. Surveillance and motion-activated smart cameras can alert security and law enforcement to incidents. Access control systems can ensure that only staff with credentials can access buildings, and schedules can ensure that only certain people have access during off-hours if necessary.

Integrated Control

All these systems do not need to be islands unto themselves. With Crestron commercial automation, lighting, HVAC, and security can be managed under one umbrella. Make lighting and HVAC work in concert for energy efficiency. Lighting, access control, and security can be programmed to maximize safety. Multiple levels of access to control software ensure that the system is secure, so your staff only gets access to parts of the system where they need information or control.

Elite Technology Solutions can show you how commercial lighting and automation improves your workplaces and properties for efficiency and productivity. To learn more, call us today at (636) 939-4474 or visit our contact page. We look forward to working with you.