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Better Audio Starts with KEF Speakers

Enjoy the Incredible Sounds of Whole-Home Music from Elite

Better Audio Starts with KEF Speakers

Imagine going from room to room while enjoying the sounds of premium audio. The song’s beats or a podcast’s words find your ears, offering crystal-clear high notes and bassy lows, serving as a soundtrack to your daily routines or as the main focus of relaxation and entertainment. 

Elite Technology Solutions offers these experiences to homeowners in Town and Country, MO, and the greater St. Louis area, pairing the unrivaled quality of KEF's high-performance audio with expert design and installation to create immersive soundscapes throughout your home.

Learn more about the experience of living in a home with KEF speakers below.

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Wired vs. Wireless Multi-Room Speaker Systems – Which One is Right for You?

We’ll Help You Decide

Wired vs. Wireless Multi-Room Speaker Systems – Which One is Right for You?

A little over twenty years ago, if you wanted a wireless whole home audio solution, you were out of luck. Most systems involved architectural or standard speakers still powered by amplifiers and required runs of speaker cabling. But the move to digital audio outside of physical media, advanced wireless networking, and ultimately streaming audio completely changed the game. 

Sonos is one of the first systems that people might think of when it comes to wireless multi-room speaker systems, but many solutions are available today. But is wireless the way to go? It might be easier to install from a wiring standpoint but may not be a great solution for all homes and all listening preferences. Keep reading below for a quick comparison of wired vs. wireless multi-room audio options and what you should know for your Ladue, MO installation.

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Unlock the World of Multiroom Audio with KEF LSX Speakers

This Wireless Hi-Fi Music System Is Small in Size but Mighty in Sound

Unlock the World of Multiroom Audio with KEF LSX Speakers

There are some music lovers who geek out over every component of a hi-fi sound system, from the amplifiers to the source components, speakers, and cables. Then there are some music lovers who’d rather steer clear of the complexity and choose a simpler setup without sacrificing sound quality.

If you relate to the latter music lover, you’ll swoon over KEF’s LSX wireless hi-fi speakers. While compact in size, these active speakers don’t skimp on power or performance. Their advanced acoustic design and wireless streaming technologies make them a perfect addition to your multiroom speaker system.

Read below to learn what all the hype is about and decide if the award-winning KEF LSX is the next wireless hi-fi speaker you need in your Saint Charles, MO home.

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Upgrade Your Summer Soundtrack with the Hi-Fi Sound of KEF Speakers

Save on the KEF Q Series for a Limited Time

Upgrade Your Summer Soundtrack with the Hi-Fi Sound of KEF Speakers

If you are a Hi-Fi enthusiast, you may already be familiar with KEF. If you’re not, it’s not a brand you will typically find at your local big-box store. Founded in 1961 and headquartered in England, the company has always strived to produce speaker designs based on research and innovation. The name KEF says it all – it stands for Kent Engineering and Foundry.

Throughout the decades, KEF has been noted for pioneering innovations. Among those is the Uni-Q driver array, where the midrange and tweeter drivers are arranged concentrically for improved off-axis dispersion of sound, resulting in a wider and more natural soundstage. This design innovation has been widely adopted by other respected speaker manufacturers, but KEF has continued refining it with every speaker generation across all its lines.

While award-winning KEF speakers like the Muon and Blade cost tens of thousands, you don’t have to spend that much to have KEF sound quality in your St. Louis, MO home audio system. KEF’s most popular line, the Q Series, is on sale for a limited time this summer. Read on to learn more about the Q Series – but hurry, this sale ends on August 1!

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