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How Integrators Help Designers Create Seamless Home Audio Systems

Work with a home audio expert early on to impress your clients with a system that delivers stunning sound with minimal aesthetic impact

How Integrators Help Designers Create Seamless Home Audio Systems

There’s no denying that upscale homeowners want more and more smart technology in their homes. One of the most popular requests from discerning clients is whole-home audio, and it’s easy to see why. The idea of being able to seamlessly listen to their favorite music in any room of the house with minimal fuss is extremely appealing.

The trouble comes when it’s time to implement and install the system. If you haven’t planned out the locations for speakers and other equipment, along with how you’ll hide the necessary wiring, you can end up with a system that doesn’t work right and is an eyesore in the home. You can avoid these headaches by bringing in an audio expert like Elite Technology Solutions early on in your project. Today we’ll illustrate how you can create the ideal whole-home audio system for clients in the Frontenac, MO region with our help.

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An integrator not only knows what the best home audio brands are, but where to place the equipment. To deliver the best audio performance, speakers need to be placed in locations that are discreet while also accounting for the room’s acoustics. You want audio coverage throughout the room without overwhelming anybody who might be in the space. The best way to address these concerns is to involve an integrator early in the design process.

Different rooms have different audio needs, and an integrator can account for these variations. A pair of speakers may be enough for the kitchen, but you’ll need many more speakers for a home theater or media room, and you need to space the speakers properly to create a surround sound effect in these spaces. If your clients want outdoor audio, there are additional considerations, like potential damage from the weather and ensuring full coverage throughout their yard.

You might not think so, but it also matters where you place the control equipment for an audio system. You want to wire everything into an out of the way spot like a utility closet, and you’ll want everything on easy-to-access racks to make maintenance and future upgrades easy. Components strewn pell-mell around a home will only aggravate your clients as well as anyone who needs to service the system later.


You put a lot of time and effort into making your clients’ home look as good as possible. Why ruin all that hard work with clunky components and ugly wires sticking out? We can help preserve your vision and aesthetic with our audio expertise.

If your clients want to see the speakers, we’ll make sure they’re placed as discreetly as possible, and you certainly won’t see any wires. If they prefer a clean, minimalist look, we can install hidden speakers that are mounted flush with the ceiling or wall surface. Once the speaker grilles are painted over, the devices are effectively invisible. Regardless of which approach you and your clients prefer, we can make it happen.

Before you get started on your next project, bring in a partner to make sure all the technology works well and looks great. Call us today at (636) 939-4474 or visit our contact page.

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