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Articles tagged with: home theater installation

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

How to Design Your Home Theater for Epic Video Gaming

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

What is a home theater? For many people, it conjures an image of a dedicated room with a large screen, lots of speakers, and plush, comfortable seating that creates a luxurious space for watching cinematic shows and movies. In reality, a home theater can be anything you want it to be for your favorite audio and video content.

If you’re a music buff, no one says your home theater can’t have an audiophile-quality sound system where you might listen to music without the screen turned on. Maybe you don't watch many movies, but enjoy your sports on a massive screen with surround sound that makes you feel like you are at the game. 

We want to suggest one other way to make the most out of a home theater – video gaming. If your kids are gamers – or maybe it's you, no judgment – a home theater can turn gaming fun into an epic experience. Keep reading to see how to incorporate gaming into your home theater design in Wildwood, MO.

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Designers & Builders: Don’t Make Home Automation an Afterthought

Make Your Homes Smart from the Start

Designers & Builders: Don’t Make Home Automation an Afterthought

According to the research firm IDC, the smart home market is projected to grow at a healthy 16.9% annual clip over the next few years. As an architect, designer, or builder, your clients likely have smart home automation listed as a high priority for their next home in Wildwood, MO.

What’s the best way to plan for home automation in your projects? In the same way you work with other professionals and trades, you’ll want to start early. Smart home technology is much more than a basic pre-wire package for low-voltage cabling. Read on to see how planning for home automation from the start will lead to smoother and faster builds for your projects – and more satisfied clients to boot.

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Envision Your Home Theater Design with Modus VR

Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Technology Lets You See Before You Build

Envision Your Home Theater Design with Modus VR

Virtual reality is a technology that holds incredible promise. Many people think about it from the gaming and entertainment aspects, but it goes far beyond that. One innovative company in France is using virtual reality to train doctors for surgical procedures!

Closer to home, Elite Technology Solutions is excited to offer a new way to envision a home theater design for your Chesterfield, MO home before anyone picks up a tool. Modus VR uses virtual reality to let you visualize your home theater in three dimensions, going far beyond a floorplan and some pictures.

Keep reading to discover how Elite and Modus VR can help you get the customized home theater you want with no surprises.

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Introducing CinemaTech, The Gold Standard in Home Theater Design

Elite Technology Solutions is Taking Home Theater Design to the Next Level

Introducing CinemaTech, The Gold Standard in Home Theater Design

When it comes to home theater design, it’s easy for the focus to go to the big display or surround sound speakers. But a lot more than that goes into creating the ideal viewing environment. That’s why we are very excited to announce our newest partner in home theater design: CinemaTech.

CinemaTech has been a leader in the industry for over twenty years. We love working with them because of their long history of stellar performance when it comes to home theater seating and acoustics. The solutions they provide are vital in creating the perfect ecosystem in any environment.

Keep reading to see why homeowners in Frontenac, MO should be using CinemaTech in their next home theater design project.

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