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What It’s Like Working with a Professional Company for Your Home Theater Design

Know What You’re Getting Before You Start Building

What It’s Like Working with a Professional Company for Your Home Theater Design

If you're embarking on a new or revamped home theater project, there are a considerable amount of details to sort out. Choosing the right room, equipment, seating, décor, acoustic treatment, wiring, and much more all factor into the equation. It may seem like a daunting task, but that's where a professional home theater design company like Elite Technology Solutions can help.

Elite can guide you through the entire process and provide you the theater you envision. Moreover, we work with premier companies like CinemaTech, which helps you design and see a virtual model of your theater before the work starts. Keep reading to learn more about a stress-free home theater design experience for your Clayton, MO home.

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Starting the Design Process

Your home theater starts with your vision. In the first meeting, we learn about your goals and your preferred timeline for your project. In conjunction with CinemaTech, we explain how the design process works. From there, we start delving into the specific goals for your theater, like seating capacity, what kind of content you watch, and a sense of your preferences for types of equipment and seating.

Design Drawings

From the consultations, we review design drawings with you that cover seating layouts, sightlines, and an analysis of the room for optimizing the acoustics with treatment. The goal is to achieve a design that both meets your requirements and achieves a high level of visual and acoustic performance. This is a stage where you can ask detailed questions and make modifications to the design.

Material and Finish Selection

CinemaTech provides a wide range of customizable seating and accessory choices. If you are working with an interior designer, you'll be happy to know that material and finish samples are available to ensure the theater-style matches your vision and décor. Seating choices range from traditional theater lounges to sofas and lounges and combinations of these, allowing you to accommodate formal and informal enjoyment of your theater.

Your choices go beyond seating. How about a starry night overhead in your custom theater? Fiber optic ceiling lighting can add the finishing touch, and a wide selection of LED accents and sconces can fill out the overall lighting design you want for your theater.

Envisioning Your Theater

The best part of the process is envisioning your theater in a rendering before anything gets done. The renderings are remarkably lifelike and realistic and can give you a detailed picture of what your theater will look and feel like. It will let you see how colors, materials, and finishes look together, as well as give you a sense of scale for the seating, screen, speaker placement, and other details.

Building Your Theater

When the design is agreed upon, Elite will coordinate with your contractor, interior designer, and other professionals to make your theater come to life. You can rest assured that with this process, your finished theater will be just like the rendering. We will also handle the details of acoustic treatment, audio, and video calibration, and programming smart automation, so your theater is ready for enjoyment.

Ready to build your dream home theater? To get started, call us today at (636) 939-4474 or reach out on our contact page. We look forward to working with you!