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Elite Technology Solutions offers hidden TV services and other elegant solutions for making home technology blend with your design and décor. Learn more here.

FrameMyTV Lets You Hide Your TV

Make any Flat-Panel TV Blend Seamlessly with Your Decor

FrameMyTV Lets You Hide Your TV

Once upon a time, many Missouri homes had built-in cabinetry to hold a TV. In some homes, the family room might have had a cabinet with pull-out doors to expose a 4:3 format tube TV. When rear-projection models became popular, spaces in a wall of cabinetry were carved out to accommodate those huge and heavy boxes.

Today’s TVs, of course, are thin, large flat panels that are completely different from the models of yore. With that new form factor has come completely different ways of locating a TV. They can be mounted on almost any wall or over a fireplace focal point with a little installation to hide the cabling. Today’s TVs are also much larger screen-wise than those of 15 years ago. Some style-conscious homeowners –and just about all interior designers in St. Louis – don't particularly like a huge 65-inch black screen on the wall when it's not on. But there is an elegant solution for the unsightly flat-panel on the wall with hidden TV services from Elite Technology Solutions. Elite has recently partnered with FrameMyTV to offer a design-friendly way to make the TV fit with your style and décor. See more below!

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