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Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

How to Design Your Home Theater for Epic Video Gaming

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

What is a home theater? For many people, it conjures an image of a dedicated room with a large screen, lots of speakers, and plush, comfortable seating that creates a luxurious space for watching cinematic shows and movies. In reality, a home theater can be anything you want it to be for your favorite audio and video content.

If you’re a music buff, no one says your home theater can’t have an audiophile-quality sound system where you might listen to music without the screen turned on. Maybe you don't watch many movies, but enjoy your sports on a massive screen with surround sound that makes you feel like you are at the game. 

We want to suggest one other way to make the most out of a home theater – video gaming. If your kids are gamers – or maybe it's you, no judgment – a home theater can turn gaming fun into an epic experience. Keep reading to see how to incorporate gaming into your home theater design in Wildwood, MO.

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Big Screen

The current generation of game consoles like Microsoft's Xbox One X and the Sony Playstation4 Pro is made for 4K resolution and HDR, so the most current games look incredibly realistic on the right TVs and projectors. Video games like Call of Duty Black Ops or Halo: The Master Chief Collection are spectacularly immersive on the large screen.

One factor to watch out for is input lag if you want to game on the big screen. In shooting and fighting games, a delay between your move and the action might mean the difference between life and death – on screen, that is. Look for TVs with low input lag, like higher-end models from Sony. Another area is motion handling, so that fast onscreen action does not create blurring or artifacts, especially at the highest resolution. Again, Sony's motion handling is one of the best in the TV industry. And Sony has flat panels in different model ranges up to 98 inches for an incredible picture for gaming, movies, Netflix, and more.

For even more epic gaming, go big with a projector. Sony’s VPL series projectors have 4K, HDR, and low input lag for a superb playing experience. Sony’s projectors can display screen sizes up to 300 inches – you might just get lost in the game.

Big Sound

Video games are like blockbuster movies, seemingly on steroids. The incredibly realistic action demands ultimate performance from not just the display but the sound system. Punches, bombs, guns, engines, and ambient sound all add to the game's immersion. Current games are making full use of surround systems, often better than many movies. Can you hear that sound behind you on the surround speaker? That's likely your enemy about to pounce on you!

Popular titles like Star Wars: Battlefront and Gears of War 4 use Dolby Atmos sound, which provides an even more engrossing game experience. Atmos uses overhead or height speakers along with other surround speakers to create a three-dimensional sound field. You feel like you're a part of the action rather than just a player.

Every surround sound system needs good subwoofers. Subwoofers create the low-frequency effects from explosions, earthquakes, and anything else that rumbles in your games. For the ultimate in bass performance, you should consider a dual-subwoofer system, which makes it easier to balance out the bass in a home theater to hear and feel it in every seat. A great surround system for movies can also be great for games. And with the right speakers, electronics, and calibration, that system can be excellent for music too.

Let Elite Technology Solutions build your dream home theater for gaming – and movies, sports, shows, and music too.  To learn more, call us today at (636) 939-4474 or visit our contact page.

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