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How to Improve Wi-Fi Performance in Your Home Network

Beware of Wireless Only Repeater Solutions

How to Improve Wi-Fi Performance in Your Home Network

Is it a wireless world? Yes, for the most part. Just about every new connected device sold relies on Wi-FI connectivity. Many of them have the option for a wired network connection, but since wireless gives people the freedom to roam about the house or place a connected device where it’s most convenient, most of these aren’t used.

Does that mean a wired home network is dead? Not at all, and wired connections can also improve the Wi-Fi performance in your St. Louis, MO home. Learn more about how to structure a home network installation for maximum speed and performance below.

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Repeating Wireless Signals

Your home, like many others, may have some areas with suboptimal wireless access. You might experience a dead zone or an area where you get very low internet speeds, despite a high-speed connection for your house. The problem may lie in the location of your router, its wireless performance, interference from nearby networks (like a neighbor), or your home's layout and construction. An oft-touted easy fix is a wireless repeater that you plug into a wall outlet. This device takes the wireless signal from your router and boosts it in the areas where the signal lags. Mesh networks are another popular option that may use a similar approach. The mesh network connects multiple wireless access points in a daisy chain approach, so the signal reaches greater distances than the centrally based router.

The Problem with Wireless Extension

Depending on the solution, whether it's wireless boosters/repeaters or mesh, one problem is when they rely on wireless connections to extend the network. Wireless can cause increased congestion for the router and poor performance. If the wireless signal isn't strong to start with, repeating it will not boost performance markedly. These extenders also create separate networks, which may be cumbersome to use as devices may need to change networks as you move around the house.

Mesh networks are popular, but they are not the answer to all networking ills. In particular, beware of mesh networks relying on a wireless “backhaul” network. This is the way mesh nodes communicate with each other. Often this wireless backhaul doesn’t achieve its theoretical speed maximums for the same reasons you may be having wireless problems. They can be affected by the home's construction or layout, and performance will be dependent on the optimal location of the mesh nodes.

A Better Solution

The wireless world sometimes benefits from a little wiring. The best way to achieve improved wireless performance is with strategically located wired access points (AP) in your home. These wired APs are directly connected via ethernet cable back to your router, ensuring a superior connection – strong wireless in your space, and a rock-solid wired connection to your router, the port to the internet. Moreover, commercial-quality access points can be powered by the ethernet cable itself with the right network configuration for maximum placement flexibility in your home.

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