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What’s the Ideal Time to Plan Your Home Network Installation?

If You’re Building or Renovating, Start Early!

What’s the Ideal Time to Plan Your Home Network Installation?

Does the early bird always catch the worm? Perhaps, but some things done too early don’t turn out that well. However, it is wise to be an early bird on planning a home network installation. If you are building or renovating a home in Clayton, MO, it pays to have forethought rather than make networking an afterthought. Why? Keep reading below.

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It’s Not a Completely Wireless World

While we all enjoy the incredible convenience of wireless devices, the truth is that some wires are still mandatory, and in some cases, a wired connection option is better. IP networking is now the foundation of a modern connected home; you should consider networking as the modern infrastructure every home needs. For example, many builders consider running ethernet cable to different rooms in a home. That is always an excellent decision, but considering many devices and functions that need network connectivity, it should be precisely planned out.

Do you want a state-of-the-art security camera system? The best modern surveillance cameras are IP connected. While wireless options are available, battery-powered models need to be recharged or have batteries replaced. A better – and more secure option – are cameras that are PoE (power over ethernet) connected. Standard, inexpensive CAT6 ethernet cable should be run to every location where a security camera might be installed – under roof eaves, at an entry gate, sides of a house, patios, ceilings inside, etc. It’s far easier and cheaper to do as part of the low voltage wiring plan.

Another consideration for pre-wiring is wireless access points (WAP). For the best wireless coverage throughout a house, professional network installers recommend one WAP for every 1000-1500 square feet of coverage area. For optimal performance, any WAPs should have a wired connection back to a router.

There are other areas where wired connections are also preferable for more reliable speeds and performance – home offices, home theaters, media rooms, smart appliances and devices, and more. When you do it early, it’s straightforward and less expensive.

Smart Home Planning

Smart home devices have both wired and wireless connection options. Devices like smart locks tend to use more than one wireless communication standard. What's critical in planning your home is that these devices can reliably operate wirelessly, which may mean using a repeater to assure that the wireless signals reach a particular part of your home. That repeater might need a wired connection back to a main control panel. For smart functions like lighting, security, climate, and more, considering an optimal mix of wired and wireless connections early in the home design process provides maximum flexibility when the system is installed and configured.


Build the right foundation for your connected home. Bring a professional like Elite Technology Solutions into your process early to ensure you have all the connectivity bases covered. To get started, call us today at (636) 939-4474 or reach out on our contact page. We look forward to working with you!

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