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Does your St. Louis, MO, home have a strong, safe connection? Read on to see how Elite Technology Solutions can help you achieve both. 

How to Improve Wi-Fi Performance in Your Home Network

Beware of Wireless Only Repeater Solutions

How to Improve Wi-Fi Performance in Your Home Network

Is it a wireless world? Yes, for the most part. Just about every new connected device sold relies on Wi-FI connectivity. Many of them have the option for a wired network connection, but since wireless gives people the freedom to roam about the house or place a connected device where it’s most convenient, most of these aren’t used.

Does that mean a wired home network is dead? Not at all, and wired connections can also improve the Wi-Fi performance in your St. Louis, MO home. Learn more about how to structure a home network installation for maximum speed and performance below.

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Is Your Home Network Installation Secure Enough?

We’ll check what makes a network secure and see how yours stacks up

Is Your Home Network Installation Secure Enough?

Whenever you hear about the benefits of professional home network installation, you likely hear more about speed than anything else. In our current environment, where working, playing, and learning all occur at home, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial a powerful network is. You need enough network speed to power all the demands that social distancing has placed on your lifestyle, with a connection strong enough to avoid lags.  
Data security doesn’t feel as flashy, but it’s equally important when you’re weighing a professional installation’s benefits. See how we implement safety into every networking project and why that matters to our St. Louis, Missouri-area clients.  

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