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How to Start Your Smart Home Journey with Whole Home Audio

Audio Integrates with Lighting, Shading, and More to Create the Ultimate Smart Home

How to Start Your Smart Home Journey with Whole Home Audio

Recently on these pages, we talked about how discerning audio buffs can extend their love of music all over the house with a whole-home audio system. Multiroom audio is about delivering a quality listening experience with ease of use that takes all the fuss and complexity away from getting the sound you want wherever you want it.

Whole-home audio is generally considered a smart home feature. It brings both quality electronics and speakers together with intelligent software that makes it all work seamlessly, allowing you to call up any audio source and direct it to all the areas of the home you desire. But whole-home audio is just the start of the smart home experience – you can layer in control and automation of features like indoor and outdoor lighting, climate control, motorized shading, security, and more.

Read on to see how whole-home audio is just the start of the journey toward your ultimate smart home in Chesterfield, MO. And the best part is, you don't have to do it all at once!

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Coming Home – Or Working from Home

Music has the power to set your mood. If you are currently working from home as many still are, a whole home audio system can set the background for a comfortable work environment. That music can be with you as you move from your home office to the kitchen for a snack or lunch. If you take a break for a workout in your home gym or exercise room, you can pick up your smartphone and change the playlist to an energetic one that will help get the heart rate up.

Music and sound are but one part of the equation. If you add smart lighting, motorized shades, and climate control as part of your smart home repertoire, you can easily control the environment to your preferences. Set your shades to balance sunlight with artificial light inside the house, and they can even lower automatically throughout the day with the sun's movement around your house. Your temperature can be cooler in your home gym for a more comfortable workout. Your home gym lights can be bright for your workout and turn off automatically when you're not there, while the rest of your home can automatically adjust itself for lighting for waking up, midday, and evening settings.

Not working from home? How about having your home ambiance welcome you back from a tough day? The minute you walk in the door, your temperature adjusts, your lights glow with welcoming warmth, and a relaxing playlist starts playing. If you have a view, your motorized shades rise to reveal it as you walk in, after having protected your interiors from too much heat and sunlight throughout the day.


As you look forward to entertaining friends and family again this summer, your smart home can set the stage. Open your house up for an indoor/outdoor experience where the guests can flow freely. Your smart home system can set the lights both inside and outside to change with the fading light. Your smart shades can shield the interior from too much late afternoon sun but open up to the view as the sun sets. Put more energetic music outside on the patio, and more relaxing tunes for conversation inside - or vice-versa, it's all up to you. Your smart home responds to you, controlled by your voice, a tablet, a remote control, or customized buttons on strategically placed wall keypads.

Staying Secure

When the day is over, your smart home can secure itself. A programmed “goodnight” scene can turn off lights, turn on outside lights for aesthetics and security, lock your smart-lock equipped doors, and arm the alarm system. Of course, the temperature is set to your preferences for sleeping too. And if you enjoy a little music to relax you into slumber, your whole home audio system can play your pre-bedtime favorites in the bedroom and shut it off automatically as you fade into a well-deserved restful sleep.

Explore the options for whole-home audio and all the smart control and automation possibilities for your Missouri home. To learn more, call us today at (636) 939-4474 or visit our contact page.