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Does your Wildwood, MO house of worship need a new church audio video system? Call Elite Technology Solutions today at (636) 939-4474 to see how we can help.

Is Your Church Sound System Having Problems? We Can Help!

Changing regulations and technology may be causing problems with your existing wireless microphone system(s).

Is Your Church Sound System Having Problems? We Can Help!

A well-functioning audio system is crucial to the life of any house of worship. The spoken word and music are important elements of most religious services. If you’ve noticed that your audio system seems to be suffering lately from intermittent drop-outs and/or noise, this could be related to your wireless microphones.

There’s a good chance that what’s causing issues with your wireless microphone systems has to do with the frequency these systems use to broadcast sound wirelessly. We’ll get into the technical details a little further on, but essentially a portion of the wireless spectrum used by wireless microphones in places like churches, theaters, schools and other venues has been auctioned off to telecommunications conglomerates by the FCC.

This could present a whole host of problems for churches using wireless microphone technology, but not to worry. We have extensive experience installing wireless microphone systems and church audio video systems, and we’d be happy to lend our expertise to any house of worship in Wildwood or any other area of Missouri or Illinois.

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