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What You’ll Want to Know About Outdoor TVs

Did You Know Outdoor TVs are Waterproof?

What You’ll Want to Know About Outdoor TVs

Some people may not even know that outdoor TVs exist. How is an outdoor TV different? The most important aspect is their resistance to the elements. An outdoor TV must withstand rain, humidity, heat, cold, and even infiltration by insects. Beyond that, outdoor TVs also need screens that can minimize reflections from ambient light and get bright enough for daytime viewing in lots of light.

Some people install regular indoor TVs in covered patio areas. Should you do that? We don’t recommend it. Most indoor TVs are made for controlled temperature conditions. Scorching summer temperatures could cause it to overheat, and freezing temperatures might render it inoperable for the next season. And indoor TVs are not prepared for outdoor humidity, not to mention that they can’t get wet in any way.

What else do you need to know about outdoor TVs for your Frontenac, MO, home? Keep reading for more.

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Here Are the Most Popular Music Streaming Services for Whole Home Audio

Comparing and Contrasting Today’s Top Choices

Here Are the Most Popular Music Streaming Services for Whole Home Audio

Most likely, if you own a smartphone, you are already familiar with music streaming services. All of them will give you the same ability to call up a favorite artist or genre and start playing music immediately. That in itself is a wonder, and sometimes we forget this is a phenomenon that began in earnest only about 10-12 years ago.

Quite a few music streaming services are vying for your ears these days. Which do you choose for listening on your whole home audio system at home in Wildwood, MO? You may already use more than one. You may even prefer one in the car versus one at home. There are differences! The best streaming service is the one that's right for you, and fortunately, you can try all of these for free before subscribing. Keep reading for a short synopsis of each to help you choose.

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The Elite Choice for a Robust Commercial Lighting System

Discover Brighter Solutions for Commercial Lighting with Crestron

The Elite Choice for a Robust Commercial Lighting System

Upgrade your lights, save money, and enjoy seamless control. By installing a smart commercial lighting system at your business or organization in Wildwood, MO, you reduce energy consumption and improve your property’s appearance. Everything is fully integrated too, so you have complete control of the lighting intensity, hue, and color. You can even program a lighting scene to let the system set itself!

Just like a fresh coat of paint, new floors, or new furniture gives your commercial space a facelift, so does new lighting. Don’t settle for ordinary lights when smart lighting adds value and appeal to your space. Read more to find out why installing a new lighting system is the perfect choice for your business.

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Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

How to Design Your Home Theater for Epic Video Gaming

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Home Theater

What is a home theater? For many people, it conjures an image of a dedicated room with a large screen, lots of speakers, and plush, comfortable seating that creates a luxurious space for watching cinematic shows and movies. In reality, a home theater can be anything you want it to be for your favorite audio and video content.

If you’re a music buff, no one says your home theater can’t have an audiophile-quality sound system where you might listen to music without the screen turned on. Maybe you don't watch many movies, but enjoy your sports on a massive screen with surround sound that makes you feel like you are at the game. 

We want to suggest one other way to make the most out of a home theater – video gaming. If your kids are gamers – or maybe it's you, no judgment – a home theater can turn gaming fun into an epic experience. Keep reading to see how to incorporate gaming into your home theater design in Wildwood, MO.

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